Price: $130

State: Utah
City: Springville
Zip code: 84663
Type: Sport

Solid Board at a Good Price
Don't Get Bit
Vipers have survived for centuries without having to adapt for survival. This is why we continue to make our Viper board with cap construction for that optimal edge hold that you know and love. The Anti Cam camber profile gives it that skate-style pop so you can snap up and over anything in your path. And, the insides of this board feature the true, unaltered genetics of any good deck with a poplar core and bi-axial glass. All this and an extruded base for that slithery glide you want.
Construction Cap
Bi-Axial Fiberglass
Two layers of stitched fiberglass at 0 and 90. A classic for performance and durability, while at the same time forgiving.
Performance Core
The perfect combination of poplar and bamboo for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio along with a low moisture quotient makes for the ideal core.
Carbon Steel Edges
Rockwell 48 carbon steel w/ 1 base bevel & 2 side bevel
Ultra High Molecular Weight extruded base is a proven performer with a low level of maintenance, offering a consistent glide in any condition.
Anti Cam
A zero camber construction with 6mm of rocker starting at 120mm from the contact points for a relaxed, forgiving, skate-inspired ride. ANTI CAM
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